Exciting news for those with only a 4×4 hoop

Kitchen quiet book pages - ITHWL

Exciting news!

For those with only a 4×4 hoop, we are working on the Kitchen quiet book pages stitched as a 4×4 hooping file.

There are full instructions, lots of photos and templates, SVG files for those who use them for cutting machines or just to cut out as templates.

Yes there will be some standard machine stitching, but with this file, you can still achieve an 8×8 page.

With help from Lesley Beech, who was helping me test stitch this file for 4×4.
As you can see in the photos, the same design stitched on a 4×4 hoop is the same as stitched in an 8×8.

New and exciting quiet book

Teddies flight

This week I have been working with a very talented lady who makes quiet books in German and English, Claudia Winkler.
This project is an interactive book with 10 pages and lots of activities to play and learn.

Teddy’s flight

Claudia has allowed me to re produce her book for machine embroidery. However, due to hoop size, the book I will be creating will be slightly smaller to fit an 8×8 hoop.

With this book Teddy checks in at the airport, goes through security, passport control, visits the pilot in the cockpit, sit with Teddy in his seat on the plane while he reads his book, looks out the window from the plan to see the runway an flight tower, puts his eye mask on and when he gets off the plan, collects his luggage from the baggage claim.

This is an exciting project for me to work on, some pages have 2 and more hoopings to complete a page, so far  there 23 hoopings

Check out Claudia’s page, link below and ride along with Teddy. Currently, the instructions are only in German, however, when I have finished digitising the files, test stitched them out I will be assisting Claudia with an English translation and SVG files. There will be SVG files to suit an 8×8 and 8×10 book.



R&D Friday 16th November 2018

Play oxygen mask for quiet book - ITHWL

R&D Friday,

Play Oxygen mask.

Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan when designing and stitching out designs.

Today’s little exercise has had me back and forth to the computer and the machine several times already.

Something that works perfectly in my mind and on the screen, doesn’t necessarily work on the machine.

I will work it out, I just have to change it up bit.

Countdown to Christmas

R&D Friday - Days to Christmas
Countdown to Christmas
Finally getting back into sewing again after a couple of weeks being under the weather, and my machine decides to play up.
I am working on a countdown to Christmas hanger, a little like an advent calendar without the lollies and goodies.
Unfortunately, when stitching out sometimes, you have to change the process or design, in this case, I wanted to be able to use velcro to add the numbers for counting and the additional felties for the corner of the countdown.
I am also using the felties that I am making for the conical Christmas tree.
I love being able to multi purpose things and I thought this was a brilliant way of doing that.
The top page will be the page that has the numbers added to it along with a feltie to be changed each day.
This is just a few of the felties I have worked on.
R&D Friday - Days to Christmas R&D Friday - Days to Christmas