Coming up with ideas for your quiet books

Some of the most common questions people ask when looking to start making quiet books, is where do you get your ideas, where do I start and how do I do…….

Some of the best places to get inspiration, tutorials, advice, templates are YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Pinterest has loads of photos, and inspiration, they all look fantastic, but are they easy to make, especially for the people who have never sewn before or made templates, so the next step would be to go to YouTube.

I am an admin of a quiet book group on Facebook Quiet Book hints, tips I ideas where we offer assistance with anything to do with quiet books. We have so many generous and talented ladies in our group who all love to show their craft and help others without asking anything in return.

Irina Sorokina, one our most inspiring members, has a YouTube channel that inspires, offers fantastic instructions and templates.



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