Laundry room 8x8 quiet book pages - ITHWL

R&D Friday 21/12/18

My latest project before the kids come for Christmas.
I am working on a series of quiet book pages, and these ones are – in the home, and here are the first 2 pages – The laundry room.The door to the washing machine and dryer open, so washing can be put inside, the trough cabinet doors open, the washing basket is 3D so washing can be put in that as well, the water from the tap has texture the window can be changed from night to day.I am working on a folding ironing board and another iron to use on the ironing board, there will be a vacuum to plug into the wall using kam snaps, and some washing to hang on the line on the next couple of pages.As with all R&D projects, things change as I am working on it, the clock now has a face to tell time, a couple of other little items can be stitched to fill in some gaps.

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