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Craft lovers Charity page

Noah's ark and animals - ITHWL

I’ve been working with a lovely Lady Coral VanDyk who does a lot of charity work, she stitches out and sells busy bags and finger puppets in order to raise enough money to buy fleece to make blankies and teddies for foster kids in her small home town.

She was telling me that she makes 2 teddies and blankies every day, that’s an awful lot of fleece.

Coral has been doing a lot of testing and taking photos of my new designs, and if you don’t have an embroidery machine, or you want some of my designs stitched out, contact Coral on her facebook page,

North Pole busy bag - ITHWL
North Pole busy bag – ITHWL
Fish bowl - ITHWL
Fish bowl – ITHWL
Emotions (boy) busy bag 5x7 - ITHWL
Emotions (boy) busy bag 5×7 – ITHWL
Billabong busy bag - ITHWL
Billabong busy bag – ITHWL



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